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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a childhood learning disorder defined by difficulty with reading, comprehension, tracking and spelling. This common condition affects approximately 1 in 10 children in Australia. Dyslexia can be frustrating and debilitating for kids, creating a hindrance in their academic learning, performance, and self-confidence.

Children with dyslexia often think they are "dumb" or "no good at school". However, many children with this condition have normal or even superior levels of intelligence.

Signs and symptoms

      • Strong aversion to reading or spelling tasks
      • Reading ability is much lower than expected given the child's grade-level or intelligence
      • Trouble with sounding out words
      • Omits words or sounds when reading aloud
      • Complains of headaches or dizziness while reading
      • Re-reads the same sentences and passages over and over
      • Difficulty with extracting meaning from what is read
      • Difficulty with spelling

Purpose of assessment

It is important to identify dyslexia as early as possible to give children the best chance at developing their reading skills and to keep up with their peers. 

Psychological assessment is a necessary first-step to determine the cause of your child's reading difficulties. From this, an intervention plan will be developed to guide ongoing support and improvement. 

Psychological assessment will also help to identify your child's academic strengths so that you can build on these and nurture healthy self-esteem.

Getting a diagnosis

There are many factors influencing our ability to read, such as education, language, cognition, mood, behaviour, hearing and vision. Before confirming whether a child is dyslexic, it is important to rule out other possible causes. A comprehensive assessment is usually required to identify potential contributing factors and determine the most effective treatment plan.

Specific Learning Disorders are complex. Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy checklists or online quizzes to give you an accurate diagnosis of dyslexia.

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