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We are Chology

Chology (as in 'psy-chology') is a telehealth assessment clinic based in Sydney, Australia. Our team of qualified psychologists perform online testing for young people across the country. 



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Our Mission

To provide timely access to quality psychological assessment for all Australian families.

We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity for greater well-being. For many children, psychological assessment is a critical first step towards achieving this. Chology exists to ensure that each caregiver has the option to receive fast, reliable and practical care solutions to support their child. 

The Founders

Tom Osborn

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Tom is a clinical psychologist, who has devoted much of his time to supporting disadvantaged children in Australia and abroad. He understands the incredible value of psychological assessments for struggling kids and their families. 


Clinical testing can be used as a powerful tool to change young lives for the better. Tom envisions a future where all Australian families are afforded easy access to this essential health service.

Michael Callaghan


Michael is a warm and passionate entrepreneur looking to make a difference in the wider community. He brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to the organisation.  

Michael's vision and leadership has paved the way to a truly unique health service. He is committed to helping as many Australian families as possible. 



Our Story & Future

We were shocked to learn that some Australian children were waiting well over 12 months for an assessment, in a space where early intervention is so important. Today there are many barriers preventing access to clinical assessment including cost, service availability and lack of community awareness. Chology exists to address each of these issues. 

As our online clinic grows, we plan to establish a not-for-profit subsidiary focused on providing free or heavily-subsidised psychological testing for children from low socio-economic and other disadvantaged backgrounds. We hope this social enterprise will afford life-changing opportunities and support to thousands of children across the country. 

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