Openpay is a flexible, interest-free payment method that gives you more time to pay off the services you need. 

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To set up your Openpay account, you must: 

  • Be 18+
  • Provide a valid Australian I.D.
  • Provide a valid email address and mobile number
  • Provide a valid Visa of Mastercard (debit and credit accepted)

How do payment plans work? 
Chology will create your unique payment plan and send this to your Openpay app. You can choose to pay off your child's assessment in fortnightly instalments over 2 or 3 months. You are required to pay the first instalment at the time your plan is established. Openpay will automatically deduct future payments from your nominated debit or credit card as per your chosen pay schedule.

Are there any fees? 
While you will not be charged interest on your payment plan, additional Plan Management Fees may apply. Total fees will be shown on the Openpay app before confirming your plan. If you fail to pay an instalment by the due date you will be charged a late payment fee up to $9.50 by Openpay. Additional fees may apply if your payments are delayed further. Contact Openpay on 1300 168 359 before your payment date to reschedule the payment and avoid late fees.

Can I track my payments? 
Yes, you can log in to your Openpay account to view your payment schedule or make an early payment. 

Does Openpay perform a credit check?
Depending on the cost of your assessment, Openpay may conduct a credit check. This is usually when you need to make a purchase that is above the spending limit that Openpay has allocated you. This check is instantaneous and you will be asked to consent to the credit check before it happens.

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